Our Philosophy

The practice of surgical medicine requires a mastery of both academic and technical skills. The plastic surgical subspecialty progresses further to demand an artistic vision as well. Helping you to both visualize and realize your cosmetic goals, depends on a close working relationship between you and your surgeon. I am sincere in my personal approach to each patient to understand expectations, formulate reasonable goals, and as closely as possible, make these goals a reality.

Meet Dr. Stefani

I am often asked two questions, “ Why I chose Plastic Surgery?” and “Why is it called Plastic Surgery?”. The answer to the first question is that I embrace the planning and creativity that the art of Plastic Surgery demands. The answer to the second question explains why planning and creativity are required. The word “plastic” is derived from the Greek term “plastikos”, which means to mold and to shape. Each person is unique and I direct my attention to the planning of any procedure to transform plastic surgical principles into creating personal, desired results. I believe it is this ethic that makes Plastic Surgery an exceptional profession.

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