Facial skin cancer

The diagnosis of any type of cancer can be a devastating experience. With most types of skin cancer, surgical excision of the cancer is the cornerstone of treatment. This, however, may require removal of portions of facial skin that can alter the shape of your face including your eyelids, nose, ears and lips. Plastic surgery can help to reconstruct these areas to restore facial contour to as close to normal as possible.

Torn Earlobe Repair

Over time, a pierced earlobe can become stretched if a person frequently wears large or heavy earrings. In addition to creating a long or wide opening, earrings may tear completely through the lobe. A torn earlobe may also result from trauma, such as having an earring pulled off or caught on clothing. Torn earlobes can be repaired with an in-office procedure performed under local anesthesia. Once repaired and properly healed, the earlobe can be repierced restoring the aesthetic quality to the earlobe contour for earrings.

Scar Revision

Scar revision is performed to reduce the appearance of scars caused by injury or previous surgery. While many scars fade over time and eventually transform to become barely noticeable, many patients experience disruptions to the healing process that cause scars to become red, raised, indented or otherwise deformed. Many patients may be unhappy and embarrassed by the appearance of these scars, especially when they are located in prominent areas, and seek treatment to improve them.